Friday, 22 October 2010

Introduction of Melody and Hassanal

Hi!!!my name is Melody Cho Xin Lin..i'm 11 years old(2010)my ambition is to become a chef....well,my studies are average.i don't really believe in best friends,let's face it,there are backstabbers all over the world.but i have quite a few close,good friends my self..i;m also interested in music..i enjoy classical when I'm in the mood,but mostly i listen to pop and rock..My favorite pianists are Maksim Mrvica and Lang idol is Zul F..i enjoy deep conversations as long as we're on the same wavelength...i value these things-honest,sincerity and life,besides from career the most important thing is friendship you need trust...get my point?trust is still very,getting me to trust people is hard,but possible...i love reading books,books like adventures and mysteries..i also like ghost stories too...i love watching ghost movies too..i can count my self 'pro' in games like guitar hero.,Hassanal and i known each other since 2005.we both love the color green,we enjoy blogging and we both have a blog link is please visit and leave a comment!! in my opinion,he is actually a nice person,once you get to know him , you'll find him wonderful .so,enough of me,let's move on with my partner Hassanal!!
-written by melody cho-

Hi , my name is Hassanal . I'm 12 years old . I wanna be an Animal Doctor . I hate Fish but I love Birds . I also love my Bffs . For a 12-year-old kid like me , I sure have a Mysterious Life . I'm attracted to Hummingbirds , Eagles &Ghost Stories/Books/Movies . I hate people insulting my friends . Favorite colors : Green & Blue . I love Nature . I prevent myself from being Boastful . I do a little bit of Magic myself too . I believe in Mythical Creatures too . Please Visit : & . I hate shopping . I hope " we " can make this blog a little bit interesting . Melody is not selfish nor rude nor impolite .
-written by hassanal iskandar-

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