Saturday, 23 October 2010

Interest Of Hassanal & Melody .

For a 11 year old girl,you can say i have lots of interest..i am interested in Olympian gods,mythical creatures,ghosts,spirits,angels,demons,hell,heaven,medusa,cyclops,UFOs and many more!sometimes i wish i have the ability to see mythical creatures..Sometimes i wish i know facts about UFOs..skeptics and believers..who's right and whos wrong??does medusa's look in the eyes kill???see,i don't really know much about these stuffs but i am every interested and eager to know about them..i'm most familiar with ghosts,Olympian Gods and spirits...So, in this blog we're gonna blog about our interests...facts about them , pictures about them..we wanna make this blog successful for everyone and i hope you can support us by visiting us daily,following us or leaving a comment!! By : Melody Cho .

I'm interested in Mythical Creatures . Including : Ufo , Elf , werewolf , bending , spirit / spirit world , angels , sea serpent , devil , ghosts & etc ... You might be thinking I'm crazy but I'm not . ^.^ , I only know a few about their facts . I've been trying to go to the Spirit World . I like to use my chi & telekinesis . LolZz , I think you guys have no idea what I'm talking about ... Anyways , please leave a comment . Thanks ! By : Hassanal Iskandar . 

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