Tuesday, 23 November 2010

U.f.os and crop circles

Well,you can call us weird for believing in UFOs and aliens!but we don't really care what people say as it is our own mind,thinking and thought!Firstly,lets start with UFO.there are many UFO skeptics and there are also many UFO believers just like us!UFOs or unidentified flying objects are mostly mistaken as  airplanes,weather balloons,so on.Are UFOs really flying saucers piloted by aliens from across the universe??no one really knows!are there really living in other planets which we don't know,they maybe are!we have no prove that i doesn't exist yet there are no proof that it exist too!there are no doubts that UFOs exist but are aliens really behind them? Crop circles,who really made them UFO landings??message from aliens??crop circles have many different kind of patterns,which are too complicated for human to make in one night,so there are no doubt that UFO/aliens made them right??some people who encountered UFOs are that they did not have the encounter of the fourth kind which are people being contacted by space aliens and against their will,are mysteriously transported into extraterrestrial spacecraft. It may be several hours before the human is released with no memory of the experience . Only through hypnosis is the encounter remembered!

There are variety of alien races:
Greys,Reptoids,Blues and humanoids!so are nasty some are good!but beware of them!Till today there are still not enough evidence to prove that aliens exist!UFO believers even said that aliens maybe be curios so they sent spaceships to earth and investigate.and they also aid that aliens may be way smarter than us that we don't even know space technology!

guys,due to some internet error i can't post pictures,but next time i'll be trying again next time!sorry!
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